Fraud Investigation

Fraud exists in almost every company in America these days to some extent. A company’s most trusted employees use their knowledge of a company’s accounting and internal control weaknesses and exploit them for their own personal gain.

What is a Certified Fraud Examiner? The Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) is a credential awarded by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). The ACFE association is the world’s largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. Our founder, Ted Lanzaro, was awarded the designation of Certified Fraud Examiner by the ACFE.

Unraveling fraud is a complex and time consuming venture. Forensic Accounting and Investigative Services conducts fraud examinations for civil and criminal cases by:

  • Reconstructing books and records from incomplete data
  • Unraveling complex transactions and breaking them down into their component parts
  • Re-creating transactions in brokerage and investment accounts
  • Uncovering data that can be used as evidence in court
  • Tracing funds and assets
  • Identifying potential witnesses & suspects and interviewing them
  • Gathering and documenting evidence & preparing an expert report

Fraud Prevention

Forensic Accounting and Investigative Services is a proactive firm that also assists clients in preventing fraud by:

  • Reviewing the internal controls of a company’s accounting processes to identify the weaknesses that lead to fraud
  • Providing your company with due diligence procedures on business, real estate or investment purchases