Divorce Fraud

It is a plain fact of life that divorces are rarely friendly. Often, one spouse will try to cheat their spouse out of a fair property settlement. This is an example of divorce fraud. Day in and day out, vindictive spouses think of new ways to cheat their other half.

Forensic Accounting and Investigative Services assists attorneys in obtaining, analyzing, documenting and reporting on all of the financial information necessary to make sure that your client gets the fairest settlement or award possible.

Forensic Accounting and Investigative Services can assist the attorney by providing the following divorce related services:

  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Search for unreported income or assets for property division
  • Valuations of closely held businesses
  • Drafting of document requests
  • Review and interpretation of income tax returns
  • Reconstruction and tracing of bank and brokerage account activity
  • Review of financial records